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Staff Contacts

Laveen Elementary staff contacts are below. Click on the staff member’s name to be directed to their class webpage.

Grade Level/Area Name Room Phone Extension Email Address
Principal Caplinger, Dr. Robert  Office 3100
Asst Principal Grant, Ashley  Office 3100
Secretary Bautista, Sandra  Office 3100
Attendance Clerk Cortez, Silvia  Office 3103
Receptionist  Aidee Delgado  Office 3100
District Nurse Sorensen, Lucinda  Office 3106
Psychologist Fernandez, Wanda A117 3107
Counselor Erica Hair A115 3102
Counselor Brandi Barnett A115 3102
Preschool Jeffrey, Mercedes B115 3129
Preschool Clauss, Jonathan B109 3133
Preschool Ross, Michelle B110 3134
Preschool Lawrence, Meghan B113 3136
Preschool Nunez, Veronica B117 3137
Preschool Dishong, Rachel B107 3132
Preschool Rocha, Gabriela B112 3135
PreK Coordinator Morrison, Dana B101 3130
PreK Clerk Olguin, Marcela B101 3131
Psychologist PreK Rigdon, Eileen B122 3140
Kindergarten Uttech, Dan B119 3138
Kindergarten Dunker, Karen B121 3139
Kindergarten Craig, Jeannette D114 3172
1st Grade Ramirez, Sylvia D134 3162
1st Grade Shields, Michelle D113 3150
1st Grade Granard, Danica D133 3163
2nd Grade Lofton, Sara D130 3160
2nd Grade Mariscal, Dominique D129 3159
3rd Grade Lotz, Erika D123 3156
3rd Grade Malone, Michele D124 3157
3rd Grade Smith, Melody D125 3158
4th Grade Wasie, Logan D207 3168
4th Grade Yeager, Tiffany D205 3166
4th Grade Prazak, Jamie D206 3167
5th Grade Stropes, Kyle D209 3170
5th Grade Ramirez, Anthony D210 3171
5th Grade McCann, Kristi D211 3151
6th Grade Lorona, Tiffany D212 3173
6th Grade Christian, Jeremy D229 3185
6th Grade Uttech, Faye D230 3186
7th & 8th Grade Science Cline, Kenneth D221
7th Grade English Language Arts Pegues, Brittany D227 3183
7th Grade Math Pierce, Roland D228 3184
7th & 8th Grade Social Studies Beder, Greg D222 3179
8th Grade English Language Arts Tucker, Joshua  D225 3181
8th Grade Math Selis, Sally D226 3182
Art Smith, Andrea D122 3155
Band Comm, Christian C105 3141
Library Ching, Chinda A139 3109
Music Reale, Darren C106 3142
P. E. Smith, Luke C100 3143
P. E. Wulff, David C100 3143
P. E. Powers, Sue C100 3143
Gifted (Tue) Van Meter, Rowe D208 3169
Self-Contained Crittenden, Jade D107 3126
Self-Contained Patton, Hilary D104 3144
Self-Contained Perrotti, Lauryn D106 3145
Self-Contained Turner, Mary D110 3147